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Making a movie takes a lot of effort. More so, it costs a lot of money. As a filmmaker, you, therefore, want to ensure that you come up with a great movie that will be a success and bring in enough profits. While putting enough effort into the filmmaking process is important, it is not enough to make your movie a complete success. The distribution process is just as important. In fact, it is said that this tends to be even more difficult than the actual making of the movie. This is due to the time and money consuming nature of the process. Here, we look at how a movie buyer can benefit the distribution process of your film and tips on how you can get one.

Who is a Movie Buyer?
Film distribution is the process by which a film is made available to the audience for viewing. This can be done in several ways such as exhibition in a movie theatre, television, DVDs, or download among others. The success of a movie is usually determined by the number of viewers it gets to reach, making the distribution process critical. This is however it is not always easy considering the stiff competition that is present in the film market. You may not be able to achieve this on your own and you need other professionals in the industry to help you. One of these is the movie buyers.

A movie buyer purchases certain rights of a film that will enable them to get the film to their audience. This can be the SVOD rights, theatrical or broadcast rights among others. In turn, your movie gets distributed as it reaches these audiences.
Tips of Getting a Movie Buyer for Your Film

Find Sales Agent or a Distributor
Getting a movie buyer for your film is not at all easy. This is not because there are not plenty of movie buyers available. However, it is because movie buyers out there are not willing to work with just anyone. Movie buying is an investment for them. Hence, they will want to work with something that they are confident will bring back returns on their investment. It can be hard to win this confidence if you are a new filmmaker. This is why you should consider getting a film agent or distributor.
Movie buyers are more likely to feel secure working with well-known sales agents and distributors as opposed to filmmakers directly. They are also likely to have created a rapport from previous deals. This is why getting one will be a great strategy in getting your film sold to a movie buyer.

Attend Film Markets
Most film deals happen at the markets. Some of the main markets include AFM, Cannes, Toronto, and Berlin among others. Here, you are likely to find all kinds of film stake holders. Hence, by attending one or more of these markets, you will have a high chance of meeting movie buyers. Since it is discouraged to try and deal directly with a movie buyer, you can still use these markets as an opportunity to meet sales agents and distributors.

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